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dollop n : a small measure (usually of food)

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  1. a lump, scoop or considerable quantity of something.
  1. fictional currency used in Children's TV Series Chowder

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dollop - (Band)
Formed in 1992 in Melbourne Australia
Released an E.P. titled "Heavy" in 1993
Released album titled "Deflator" in 1995
dollop were a shab rock/slacker four piece with their own rehearsal space under the Blacky Ironmonger grandstand at St Kilda's Junction Oval.
All album recordings took place in the rehearsal space to eight track tape and were mainly mixed by Sing Sing engineers Mark Woods and Dave Davies. Nearly half of the tracks were mixed by the band themselves.
Both "Heavy" and the bands follow-up L.P "Deflator" were put out by Mushroom Records subsidiary labels. "Heavy" via Temptation records A+Red by Kat Perdrieax and "Deflator" via White Label A+Rer by Eleanor McKay. White was home to the likes of the Hunters and Collectors, Archie Roach, Paul Kelly, Frente, Deadstar.
In an interview with Beat Magazine in 1994, lead singer Shaun Holt was quoted as saying he didn't have a clue how they ended up on White Label.

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